Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye party n.2: con i miei amici di lavoro

I threw two goodbye parties at my place, one with my friends from work, and one with my other friends (I thought we wouldn't fit all together).
The party with my work friends was a potluck. It was really nice, lots of good food and good company. Here is LiNa with her beef ribs, and in front, Rich's delicious shepherd's pie:
and here is Crissy - her Mexican dip is on the left front side of the table.
Here are Dazhong and wonderful Crystal!
They and YanLi brought Chinese Dumplings, since it was close to the Chinese New Year, and dumplings are a must for this holiday.
I don't have pictures of all the guests, unfortunately, but I cannot miss a portrait of the cutest one :)

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Unknown said...

You are such a wonderful girl! We will all miss you so much!