Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye party n.1: cena di donne Italiane da Giovanna

I said I had a lot of things to post about, from the past two weeks. In fact, I spent most of my lunches and dinners out with friends, and enjoying goodbye parties! One of the first ones was thrown for me by Giovanna and my other Italian women friends. It was our February dinner, and it was again a potluck dinner, like the January dinner that I hosted at my place and I described here. Evidently, the idea of a dinner at a friend's house was appreciated, and it was the occasion for my goodbye. I felt very honored for it :) The food was absolutely amazing, both for the amount and for the quality. Here is a picture of us..

From top, left: first row: Danila, Angelita, Antonella. Second row: Loredana, Elisabetta, Angelita, Mina, Laura. Front row: Donnaliz, Giovanna and Marta.
If you read more, there are pictures of a few of the dishes.

Food made by our wonderful host, Giovanna:
Deviled eggs
Focaccia. This was amazing, it was exactly like the focaccia you can buy in Italy. I'm going to ask her for the exact recipe for it.
I made three diffent pizzas:
Pizza with red onions and cheddar cheese
Pizza with sweet potatoes and brie cheese and a pizza with anchovies and capers, which I don't have the picture of. I'm going to post the recipes for these pizzas soon. They were all really good, I was very happy with them.
Donnaliz made these delicious grilled eggplants:
And at last Danila made her delicious Spaghetti alla carbonara:
We had a huge amount of desserts, too:
Cannoli prepared by our friend Mina.
Two types of chocolate cakes (Antonella's is shown here), brownies, and dulce de tres leches.. and to digest, some home made limoncello (a strong lemony liquor) :)

Wow, we were stuffed and happy in the end :)

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