Sunday, March 04, 2007

Berkeley in fiore

Berkeley has welcomed me with an amazingly beautiful weather. Trees are blooming
and walking here is such a pleasure.
Our house is in a wonderful neighborhood, with small shops, restaurants, caffes, and even butcheries, bakeries, flower shops.. it makes me feel a little bit like in Turin, although, with less of the stressfulness of Turin. There are less cars, less people, less smog. And still, it's full of events, of colors, of activities. I'm so excited. The campus is pretty. Right now, I don't have the camera, so I'll put pictures of everything later on.
Lucas welcomed me with a really nice dinner that he cooked for me:
It was rice with sautee chicken, mushrooms and peppers, with white wine. I was so happy :)
Now he left for Colorado, and so I have some time to post about all the events and some recipes of the past two weeks :)

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