Saturday, January 28, 2006

Un'altra mini ricetta eclettica

Just a quick recipe that I prepared a few nights ago, before getting to some more serious stuff :)
So, I still had some cilantro that I bought for the Thai dinner and forgot to use.. :) - and I remember that once an Indian friend of mine gave me a very good recipe that asked for it.
The name of the Indian recipe is Papdi Chat. The real recipe asks for chickpeas (either you buy them in a can, or you have to soak them and boil them), yogurt, cilantro, coriander, fresh ginger and lime juice. Finely cut the ginger and the cilantro and crush the coriander - choose the amounts depending on how much you like the different tastes. Add this paste to the chickpeas and the yogurt. In the end, you have a sort of dip that you will eat with the Papdis, which are a type of 'fried crackers'.
I didn't have time to buy the Papdis - and I decided to add a finely cut cucumber. The result was then an interesting fusion between the Indian Chickpea Chut and the Middle Eastern Tzatziki (which is originally prepared with yogurt, cucumber, and garlic). Per i miei lettori italiani, potete trovare una ricetta dello Tzatziki sul sito di ComidaDeMama.

We really enjoyed it as a side dish with some whole grain crackers:

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