Saturday, January 21, 2006

Prova prova prova.

So, first of all I should choose if I want to write in Italian or in English.. I think I'll use both, depending on my mood.

I've been living in Raleigh, NC, for about one year now. It's not a bad place to be, especially because of the nice people that are around me, and because I like what I'm doing.
I'm working as a post-doc in Chemistry at NCSU, on RNA-mediated nanoparticle synthesis (wow, suona bene, no? :) ).
I like to study, read, play piano, sing, and cook. I love to have dinner with friends, and to walk around and hike.
My idea for this blog would be to share some things of my life that may be of some interest to people.. I'm thinking especially about books, movies, frustration and joy of research, feelings of happiness and melancholy as a foreign in a foreign land.. and recipes that I try and that I make up, hopefully all correlated with interesting pictures.

So, we'll see how long I can maintain this idea alive.. :)

Comments are welcome all the time.

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