Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fresh Produce of the Month - Roundup

Time has finally come to post the roundup of the 'Fresh Produce of the Month' Event! This month's theme was Apricot... I have only a few entries, but they are good ones!
Hopefully the next produce will be more popular.. in any case, here are the wonderful Apricot-centered recipes to try:

The first entry is from wonderful Meeta from 'What's for lunch Honey': Apricot Clafoutis! It looks wonderful.. and here is her own verdict: "The apricots in this clafoutis were baked to perfection. They were still juicy and gave the entire dessert an exceptionally fruity aromatic note." - we believe that! Also, check her wonderful post for lots of information about Apricots!

The second entry is from great Jai and Bee at 'Jugalbandi': Apricot-Orange sorbet. The recipe seems simple and the result delicious.. in their own words: "Frozen Stuff + Food Processor = Instant Gratification"! Thanks for your great idea!

Then I'll post both my apricot-centered recipes, since I don't have any more entries: this is Crostata con albicocche e frutti di bosco (Crostata with apricots and berries), i.e. my favorite birthday dessert, decorated with the most summery fruits!

And this is Frappe' all'albicocca (Apricot Frappe'), i.e. a refreshing apricot-yogurt-almond drink, with a hint of whiskey in it!
You can find both recipes here.

Thank you so much for taking part to this event.. and if the idea of making something with the freshest produce appeals to you, please send me entries for the new 'Fresh Produce of the Month' event. I decided I couldn't let the summer go away without dedicating one of these events to the most wonderful of the produces: Tomatoes! Tomatoes are so flavorful, when in season, there are so many varieties and colors, and are ubiquitous - I think most cuisines have recipes involving tomatoes!
At the Berkeley Bowl, now, there are plenty of different types to choose from (whole aisles full of tomatoes).. here are just a few examples of colors and shapes:
So, if you want to take part to this month's event, follow these simple rules:
1) Put a post on your blog with a recipe involving tomatoes. If you live somewhere where tomatoes are not in season, canned or somehow preserved tomatoes are acceptable too! Add a link to this post on my blog and mention that it's an entry for the 'Fresh produce of the month' event. If you like it, feel free to place the logo of the event on your post.
2) Send me an email with a link to your post, your blog homepage and your name. My email address is chemcookitATgmailDOTcom. Specify 'Fresh produce of the month' as subject.
3) If you don't have a blog just send me an email with your recipe and if you have a picture of the food you made, that's even better. I will add it to the round-up as well.
The deadline for this event will be September 2nd. I will post the round-up the weekend after. I'm looking forward to your entries!!
This month's logo:
Feel free to use it on your posts if you like it!


bee said...

marta, thank you for organising this. hope to see you with more fresh produce.- bee

JAYET said...

hey marta , this is nathalie from france how are you !!!
sorry but I can not figure out your email :-(
Hey what a wonderfull desserts miam miam keep in touch kisses to you and Lucas
Nathalie Michel

chemcookit said...

Hey Bee - thanks! Hope to see you again :)

Hello Nathalie! So good to hear you! I'll send you an email - unless you changed your email address, I should still have it. Take care and say hi to Michel, for now!

Ruth Daniels said...

Sorry I missed such a fun event. I love apricots. Oh well I'll have to do better with the tomato event.

Thanks for thinking it up!

ramkumari said...

Hello Marta,
I'm Ramkumari from India .I'm new to ur blog and was wondering if u have any ethnic bar or whatever ..I was planning to put up Tomato Rasam(soup) .A traditional recipe frm india .Is it allowed .

chemcookit said...

Hey Ruth! It'll be nice to see your post the next time!

Ramkumari: of course there's no ethnic bar!!! The larger the variety, the better the event! And.. I LOVE Indian food, so I'm really looking forward to your post. :)

Namratha said...

Hello Marta, I'm glad you said Indian dishes are allowed..I have one which has tomatoes galore in it!:) Will send in my entry shortly.

Finla said...

It is excelent to have a monthly event.
And tomato Everybody loves it.
I am a new blogger and getting to know the events happening in the blogging world.
I've mailed you my entree.
Can't wait to know what is next months fresh product.

amna said...

so glad i came across your blog and event :) will definitely contribute. i have just the thing i want to send across :)

chemcookit said...

Wow, thank you all of you.. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the recipes!!!!!

Asha said...

Hi Marta, I e mailed you my dish 2 days ago, hope you got it.If not, here it is;


bha said...

hey marta, my first time here...great blog and a fun event....i missed it this time, but sure i will try to make use of the tomatoes.....

Siri said...

Hi marta,

Nice theme for this month.. all the apricot recipes look so rich and yum..:D