Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Un gran giorno!

So yesterday it was a great day!
First of all: Lucas got his Ph.D.!!!!!!! He was great. You can see him unusually elegantly dressed in the picture below. He did a great presentation and I was actually interested in what he was saying even if I heard that already a few times and I understood probably only a very low percentage of it.. but he was really very clear and presented in this casual but not too casual way that made it interesting to listen to.
His parents and sister came to visit and we celebrated at Sushi-Thai. :)
I gave my small contributions to the defense by providing cookies and coffee. I'll give you the recipe of the cookies in a next post, since they were really good and professional-looking :)
Second thing: at last there were the elections in the US, and now the political situation here is reversed! I'm SOOOO happy :) It's quite amazing, basically the Democrats got all the positions they were hoping for. I guess Bush's funny electoral campaign based on showing up only where he knew he was of no harm didn't give good fruits :) - and his whole politics on war in the last years didn't either.. So, really a good day to celebrate. :)

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