Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Festa di Halloween -1

Today it's All Saints Day in the Catholic tradition, and yesterday it was Halloween in the Celtic tradition.. :)
So today I went to Mass, but all the people here celebrate Halloween much more than All Saints Day (it's not a Protestant holiday at all). I was invited to TWO Halloween parties this year. :)
The first one was the famous Filipe's and Vlasta's Costume Halloween Party. It was last Saturday. Costumes were mandatory.. so I actually was forced to invent something... I always think I hate to create and put on costumes, but in the end, to be really honest, it was a lot of fun both to invent the costume and to go to the party and see all the other ones. So.. I was the wizard of the kitchen! And Lucas was the Dissertation Devil :) :) :) Here we are:

As you can see, I was wearing a blue dress which is a Moroccan robe (really pretty) that my mom bought when she was younger, and which seemed to me like the kind of dress that a good wizard could wear. Then, I had an apron, which says 'La Maga della cucina' (the wizard of the kitchen) on it (Lucas gave it to me, it was sawed for us by a woman in Pienza). Attached to the apron, all my magic herbs - and a wooden spoon was my magic wand :) Lucas instead had his whole thesis attached to the black robe he used to graduate, and was the 'Dissertation devil', who whispers in every Ph.D. student's ear: "Go work on your thesis!!!" when they're having fun somewhere :)
People had really wonderful costumes. I'll show here only a few examples, but you can go to my picture website for a complete set:
Laura Craft and Super Mario (i.e. Luisa and Jorge)
Now, isn't this THE real Mario??
Frida Calo and Diego Rivera (i.e. Mariana and Trino)
And this THE real Frida?!?
Desperate Housewives (i.e. Filipe and Vlasta)
And again, Filipe was dancing all night on THOSE shoes :)
Tree and tree hugger (i.e. Crissy and David)
Per chi non lo sapesse: Tree huggers sono definiti gli hippy ambientalisti a volte vestiti a acconciati come David.. che era anche un tree hugger nel senso letterale delle parole, pero'!!
The party was actually a lot of fun. We danced a lot - and what was really nice was that Lucas danced with me for a few dances!!! I really liked that :)
And there was also a lot of food.
At midnight, the wizard of the kitchen and his ghostly helper performed a magic, and little ghosts dancing in the night appeared!!
They were actually quite good ghosts :) I will give the magic formula to perform this magic in a next post :)

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