Monday, August 27, 2007

Waiter there's something in my.. meatless barbecue!

Wow, luckily enough I found out that the deadline for 'Waiter there's something in my...' event is today! So I'm still on time.. I have the perfect entry for the 'meatless barbecue' dish that Cooksister suggested:
Bruschette con verdure e tofu grigliati e salsa al mango e tomatillos/ Grilled veggie and tofu bruschette with mango and tomatillo salsa!

I made this dish for a quick lunch with Lucas some time ago, and never had an occasion to post about it.. but it's so colorful and it was so good, that it's worth writing about it!
I used the wonderful grill I gave Lucas when he moved in, all alone, in Berkeley.. It's a 'panini grill', with two grills, that can be open, or kept at various heights, so that one can grill vegetables, meat, bread, or toast panini.. it's wonderful, and I love to grill veggies on it.
This time, I grilled asparagi and zucchini and tofu, I sprinkled them with olive oil, and added finely cut garlic and parseley. Then, I toasted some pieces of bread on the grill, and I nicely arranged the veggies and the tofu on them, adding some of the good olive oil/garlic/parseley mixture on top (see picture above).
To complete the delight, I made a quick mango/tomatillo salsa to go with it, by chopping in small pieces 4 tomatillos (see this post for more info about them), one Manila mango, half an onion, one Fresno chili, and adding some finely cut cilantro and olive oil. It's on top of the bruschetta in the middle of the picture above, and at the bottom of the plate to eat with some more bread!
It was a nice and simple Saturday lunch. :) Thanks Cook sister for bringing up this great theme and giving me an occasion to remember about this!


Jeanne said...

Hi Marta - glad you found out about WTSIM in time for the deadline :) This looks fab - and I like the idea of an all-weather grill. Definitely a consideration for drizzly London! Not only do the veggies sound delicious but I adore your salsa flavours. Thanks for playing along in WTSIM and hope to see you back next month.

chemcookit said...

Hey Jeanne,
thanks for organizing this! Now I'm going to check out the roundup.. exciting!!