Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Un dolce giapponese

Almost a month ago my friend Keisuke went to Japan, his home country, and brought back a wonderful sweet for me! I took pictures of it and meant to post about it, since it's such a delightful and amazing looking sweet :) .. so at least you can have a visual experience :)
There are many gorgeous wrappings - here you can see the last two, and the small knife that comes with it.:
When you open it, you notice that the sweet is decorated with a motif that recalls the wrapping paper!
It's shiny looking, and you are supposed to cut thin slices of it, which look like the one shown above. The transparent part is a gelatin, and the purple part is bean paste. It's very sweet, and Keisuke was afraid I wouldn't like it.. but instead, it's very good! Almost everyone we've offered it to thought the same. And it's soo pretty! I love the amazing care that Japanese use to prepare every kind of food, from the most everyday food to the special occasion food, like this sweet!

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