Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pasta giapponese :)

I haven't written a pasta entry for the 'Presto Pasta nights' hosted by Ruth in a while.. lack of camera and of pasta made it happen. :)
But now, Lucas is back with the camera, and I'm back cooking pasta! Another thing I like to try at the Berkeley Bowl (other than strange vegetables and fruit) is Asian type of pasta. So, this time I bought this Japanese noodles that looked like thick and white tagliatelle. All the writings on the box were in Japanese except for a label with the ingredients. So I have no idea of how they would be really called.. but I know they were made of wheat flour.
So the dish I made up was
Tagliatelle giapponesi con peperoni, baby bok choy e tofu / Japanese tagliatelle with peppers, baby bok choy and tofu
To make the sauce, I sauteed half an onion in olive oil, and then added ~5 red small bell peppers, cut into medium-size pieces. Then, I diced 1/2 lb tofu and added it into the pan. Then I added ~1 lb of baby bok choy, cut into pieces. I added 1 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tsp soybean paste, together with lemon juice, to season. I cooked it for ~20 minutes and added salt to taste.
In the meanwhile, I boiled water and added salt and japanese noodles in it (~1 lb). The noodles tended to stick together, so I stirred them well during the cooking. It took ~13 minutes for them to be cooked (they were thick). I drained them and added them to the sauce, and sauteed them in it for a few more minutes..
They were really good! The soybean taste from the sauce and the paste, together with the sourness from the lemon juice, and the slight bitterness of bok choy, mixed deliciously with the sweetness of the red peppers! And the soft consistency of the noodles (softer than regular Italian tagliatelelle) was very nice.
So, check out the Presto Pasta Night summary to see all the nice pasta recipes of this week!


Ruth Daniels said...

It does look wonderful. Glad you've got your camera back. Thanks for sharing it all with Presto Pasta Nights. It will be on next week's roundup-#24

Marye said...

I love it! Fabulous combination!