Sunday, January 21, 2007

Una camminata attraverso Torino

Here are pictures from a short walk I had around Turin. During the first part I was with my sister, and then I was by myself.
An open air market:
One of the flower stands
One of the olive stands
I love so much the open air markets in Italy. Turin has many, one of them is the biggest one in Europe (Porta Palazzo). It's an experience, I'd recommend visiting it to everyone who happens to be in Turin, especially on Saturday morning.

Walking downtown, in the most elegant part of the town:
Via Roma, i portici.
Torino is well-known for having miles and miles of portici, sort of arcades that cover the sideways, with houses on top of them, and shops inside. It's really nice and protects you when it rains or it's too hot.

Arriving from Via Roma to Piazza Castello
The building you see at the end of Via Roma was the royal palace. Torino was the capital of Italy for a while, and the king used to live in that wonderful palace.
In the same square, this is Palazzo Madama
This was where the queen used to live. The two palaces are interconnected by some underground passages. Turin has many underground passages, some of them may be still unfound!!
This is Via Pietro Micca.
You can see, another street with portici.
And this is one of the many historical caffes:
This is again in Via Pietro Micca. Not sure if it's good or not.. I never tried this one!
Well, this was the only moment I was able to walk around and take some pictures of the town.. I'll add some next time I go, but I hope you got an idea of how wonderful Torino is :)

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