Sunday, January 21, 2007

Di nuovo negli States!!!

Hello to everybody!! Here I am again after two weeks in Italy.. sigh.. it's always short, especially when you spend half of your time stuck in bed and the rest doing visa stuff and attending a conference for work :)
But no complaints, I had a good time, I managed to meet most of the people I wanted, although not everyone, unfortunately. Also, due to the fact that when I was sick I wasn't too hungry, I couldn't really eat all the good food I would have liked, but I did get to eat some which was really good :) For example, my friend Chiara made some zabaione for me, which I _really_ liked, and I will try to make it and post the recipe here soon. It's a sweet egg cream with Marsala, a white strong wine. De-li-cious!
So I'll spend the next posts showing the few places I managed to visit and take pictures of.. enjoy!

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