Sunday, January 07, 2007


It's driving me crazy that I'm in bed and it's a wonderful day outside and I'm in Turin!!! But I'll try yo be good so maybe tomorrow I feel well enough to go around at least for a bit. Anyway, from my bed of sorrow and mucus, here are some pictures that I took three days ago when I was in... Milan!
(The cathedral, the upper part of its facade just renewed)

I had to go to Milan to get a part of my visa done. Usually this trip to Milan is just a pain and a duty for me.. stay two hours in a line at the Embassy and go back.. but this time, my dad came with me, and it was a lot of fun!! We had a nice lunch at a Self-Service close to the American Embassy (amazing how good and cheap the food was, especially if you got the grilled meat that was prepared on the spot). And then, after my visa, we had some time to wander around.
Here we are in Piazzetta della Scala.
My dad is in front of La Scala, the most famous opera theatre in Milan, taking a picture of me in front of the Statue of Leonardo.
(this is Leonardo)
And this is the entrance to the gorgeous gallery that brings into Piazza del Duomo.
And these are pictures from inside the gorgeous gallery:
(there was a humongous Christmas tree decorated with precious glasses in the middle of the gallery).
Piazza del Duomo was gorgeous. As I mentioned, part of the cathedral has just been renovated. There are Christmas decorations everywhere, and I found kind of neat some humongous lit balls made of wire on the back of the Cathedral:
We visited a few churches. The one I liked most was S. Francesco da Paola.
It's not one of the famous churches in Milan. I think I liked it so much because it reminded me of the churches that are typically in Turin, in Barocco style, quiet, scented with incense.

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