Sunday, August 13, 2006

Regali di compleanno

I don't know if I mentioned it already, but I received a huge amount of gifts for my birthday, both in the US and in Italy. The biggest one was by Lucas - he actually gave me the laptop that I'm using to type right now! It's amazingly fast, having two processors, and I really like it. It was a good idea because my other laptop was getting very slow. It's been a good friend for many years, it was my parents' gift for my bachelor graduation and it went through a lot of adventures with me, including surviving a Floridan storm that soaked it in water. :) But this new one has already proved to be really nice and useful and I've been using it intensively in these past few days, to write this proposal that I finally finished today.
I also received plenty of really nice books, some of which I already finished and I will review in later posts.
For now, I just wanted to show another gift that I recently used:
This nice red baking pan was given to me by my friend and choir mate Joanna. I used it to make a sort of quiche. I love quiches, they're so quick and easy to make. In this case, I used 'Fillo' dough to make the outside of the cake. I never saw this dough in Italy, and I bought it thinking it was pasta sfoglia. In reality, it's an amazing thing made of less than one millimiter sheets, that you can take out of the box, and choose how many to use on top of each other. They are thin but they don't break very easily, so you can also give them some shape and make nice borders for the quiche. The inside was a mixture of 4 eggs, cheddar cheese, milk, and sauteed onions and zucchini. Basically you can put whatever you want in it, keeping the eggs/cheese/mixture as a constant, and you can add all sort of richer stuff like butter or cream. It's usually baked in 20-30 minutes (longer if you exceeded in the amount of milk) and you should serve it hot!

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