Friday, August 11, 2006

Ancora dall'Italia: Prali

One of the other nice things that we did when we were in Italy was going to visit my dear friend Cinzia and her family at the mountain, in Prali, which is quite close to Turin, but already high. It's very close to Sestriere, where they recently had the winter holympics, and for this reason, you can actually find it on google maps!!!. So, this place is really highly turistic in winter time, but not in summertime. Cinzia and her family rent an apartment there for the whole summer, and they have a wonderful relaxing time there. Not only so, but it's also really nicely cool, compared to Turin.
We had a few walks with them, and I loved it so much. Also, Cinzia and I had a lot of fun cooking together. We made a lot of nice things, for only two days that we were together! From calzoni, to crepes, to pasta salad.. the air of the mountains makes people hungry :)
So here is a bit of the mountains for you guys (the rest on my usual picture website).

Carissima Cinzia, e' stato cosi' bello venire da voi! Mi rimarra' un bellissimo ricordo per molto molto tempo :) E in effetti, cucinare insieme e' divertente, facile e produttivo :)

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