Sunday, August 20, 2006

Molto meglio di ogni aspettativa

Yesterday night Lucas and I decided to watch a 'light' movie - we've been watching the wonderful 'Decalogue' by Kierwloswkiy, which I will talk about soon, and we wanted to break it with something less committing.
So, we had at home from Netflix 'Under the Tuscan Sun'. I thought I wanted to see the beautiful sceneries, but we also heard bad things about the movie by itself - just the ultimate 'chickflix'! (chickflix e' una parola di slang che indica un film 'da donne', sdolcinato e romantico) So, we had very low expectations about it.
Instead, it's a really nice movie! It's cute, but it's not super-sweet, excessive. It's actually really funny in a lot of parts! And it tries to show some of Italian and American culture stereotypes, in a hironic and light way. Most of the actors are Italians (except for the main characters - it's an American movie), and the scenery is in fact wonderful: Cortona and Positano are the main places. The story is simple: the main character divorced, and two friends get her to go to a tour of Tuscany to forget about her ex-husband. There, she buys an old villa and she begins to ristructurate it. She meets a number of wonderful people of all nationalities, and slowly opens herself to them (she starts cooking!), and finds out that she already built a new family over there without even knowing it.
So, I'd really recommend it for a night when you want to be cheered, relaxed, enjoy beautiful sceneries, and laugh!
Btw: this movie really made me feel like visiting Positano and the Costa Amalfitana! I'm now debating if my next tour to Italy will be Napoli and Costiera Amalfitana or Sicilia. We'll see :)

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