Saturday, August 26, 2006

La fiesta dei Tacos!

I still didn't post about last Sunday Tacos Party at Trino and Mariana's. It was a wonderful party! There was a lot of food and nice people :)
Trino taught us the concept of tacos: take a tortilla and fill it up with some of the fillings displayed on the table, then if you want, add some salsa, roll it, and eat it! He explained that tacos are usually eaten standing, because of their nature that does not require fork and knife. I could not learn too well, because I was too curious and I wanted to try all the fillings! So in the end I had too much stuff on my tortillas and it was impossible to roll them :)
The fillings were in fact a lot and wonderful. There was green chicken, pork, potatoes, venison, beans, onions, mushrooms, peppers, cheese.. I'll post here only one example: the pork in a wonderful sauce with potatoes.. And the tortillas were bought just fresh from a factory that they discovered around here, that makes them a few days per week. Trino said the quality of the tortillas is fundamental for the well outcome of the tacos :)
The party started around 3 and went on till after nine.. so we had the opportunity of eat a lot of tacos :)
I really enjoyed this experience... I love Mexican food.. and all the Mexican and South American friends!

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