Monday, May 22, 2006

San Gimignano

So, now that Lucas is back, I have again access to the computer where we have all the pictures from the trip to Toscana... and I can post again about it!

After leaving Pisa, we went south-east. The goal was to reach Siena by the end of the day, and visit San Gimignano and Volterra on our way.
The drive through the hills was gorgeous. A lot of hills are topped by Medieval villages, surrounded by walls, and on most of the hills there are vineyards.. This is an image of a medieval village named Certaldo.
We decided to visit San Gimignano because it's a very famous Medieval town, well known for the number of towers that were built in it.

The town was very crowded, because it was the 25th of April, which is a big holiday in Italy, when we remember the defeat of the Fascists. There was the band playing in the main square of the town:
Anf a place where they were selling wonderful paintings and wine and cookies, with this amazing glycine tree in front of it:

We left San Gimignano with two paintings, two types of cookies and wine, and drove towards Volterra.

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