Thursday, May 11, 2006


The second day of our trip, Alessandra, Crissy, Lucas and I left for Lucca. Lucca is less well-known than Pisa, it's a smaller town, but it has an interesting history and structure. Many are the towers, where the rich people used as a refuge during the invasions from narrowing towns. One of these towers has trees growing on top (Torre del Guinigi), and people can climb on top of it. Lucas and Crissy went, and so we can admire the landscape of Lucca framed by the tree leaves. Walking around these little streets in the sun is very pleasurable. There are many little squares, with wonderful medieval churches, all with this typical white marble style, similar to what we saw in Pisa but less "elegant" - notice how all the columns in the cathedral look different. It's very pretty, though, I think I like this flighty style.
At last, this is a picture of the walls that surround this medieval town, another way of protection from the invasions. They are extremely tall and robust!

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