Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pranzo dai genitori di Lucas prima della partenza

Another catch-up post: I had some pictures from a very nice lunch that we had at Lucas's parents' house the weekend before leaving.. it was a very nice afternoon. The weather was beautiful and we spent a good part of the visit relaxing on the back porch on the rocking chairs, like real Southerners :) .. and as for the food.. look at these pictures and drool :)

(In the US everyone has a barbecue grill on their back porch, where they can make wonderful grilled meat.. this is something that we could import in Italy: here, it's so widespread that parks have barbecue places that you can go and bring your charcoal and meat and cook on the spot!)

And also, this is the wonderful bread rolls that Lucas's mom can make:
(when I showed this picture to some friends, they couldn't believe it was home made :) )

At last, these really good strawberry stuffed pastries, and another pastry that in Italian I would call sfogliatina alla cannella (cinnamom puffy pastry) :)

We always have a good time at Lucas's parents. I promise next time I'll also take some pictures of the nature around there, which is really beautiful.

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