Monday, May 22, 2006


Every once in a while there's something nice going on in Raleigh. This makes downtown Raleigh look more similar to a 'real' town, instead of a 'ghost town', like it usually is on Sunday afternoons. Yesterday and on Saturday, there was 'Artsplosure'. Moore Square was full of stands with people showing their paintings, photographs, ceramics, jewels.. one stand was from 'The America Wildlife Society', and they had a living owl! I never saw one, so I took a picture of them:
(The right eye of the owl had been hit by bullets, unfortunately. But doesn't this animal have a very interesting gaze?)
There were also some artists that were making a really cool sand sculpture!!
The best thing was that there were concerts on the square.. and really good ones! We listened to 'The yellowjackets', a very good jazz group. I liked them a lot, and also, I loved to be again in a square, with people clapping, like in the Summer evenings in 'I giardini Reali' in Torino.

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