Sunday, September 24, 2006

Un incontro sul lago

One week ago I was walking around Lake Johnson as usual. I was talking in Italian with Lucas, and with Stefan (my adviser, who's learning Italian, and that we met by chance). A person came by and approached us.. He was Italian! It's interesting how coming from the same country suddenly makes you feel close, even though obviously you don't know anything about the other person. This is the reason of the Italian dinners, and of other friendships that I started over here. Anyway, this person had a very professional-looking camera, so I asked him if he had his pictures online somewhere.. and he has them! He's not a professional, but in my opinion his pictures are really wonderful.
So, you can look on his website and see pictures both from Raleigh and the Triangle and from Italy and Europe. So I believe my readers will be interested in giving a look at it..

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