Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trip to California

I haven't posted in while, because we were out of town. I had some interviews in Berkeley, hopefully to get a post-doc there. I still don't know if I will get the position or not, but the trip has been really wonderful.
We had two free days, and on one of them we went to San Francisco. I loved it! It's one of the few towns that I've been in the US where I found some fascinating details in every place I walked... and we walked for many hours!
It's an amazing town, with so many different parts. I'll show a few pictures here, but please visit my picture website to see more.
Following our own visit.. here is the Market Square, and in particular, some strange Asian vegetables that I don't know the name of.
A lot of the stands sold Asian vegetables. In fact, in San Francisco there is the biggest China town outside China. Here is its entrance.
There is also a very large Italian community, so it's actually possible to drink a good caffe' or cappuccino.. But the nicest thing is the bay. And this is a view of North Hill (one of the many, many hills that San Francisco lays on).
We had a good lunch at a Chinese restaurant where they served 'Dim Sum', which I never had before: they pass around with carts full of steamed or fried little things, and you just choose what you want. It's quite nice :)... and our dinner was also wonderful.. if you want a really good Sushi, go to Sushi-Man (731 Bush Street). It was the best Sushi we ever had.
I really liked Berkeley too, and I think it would be nice to live there for a while. It's much smaller than San Francisco, obviously, but it has many nice residential areas, and a very nice downtown part. It's walkable everywhere, you can choose if you want to walk in smaller streets surrounded by small houses, with small gardens filled with amazing flowers, or on more busy streets closer to campus and downtown.. there are plenty of cafes and here and there you see people that seem like they just came out of the 70s. I loved it. I think I will fit there well. :)
This is just an example of one of the nice garden-houses:
And this is inside one of the cafes..
lost of really studious people!
Also the campus is very nice, there are lots of very old trees, such as in this eucaliptus grove:
There are also some quite impressive buildings:
So, let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope that the prof that I applied to finds some funding to hire me.. :)

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