Sunday, January 22, 2006

Due interessanti telefonate - 1

I'll write this in English even if the two phone calls were both in Italian, because my two friends had some interesting thoughts that I wanted to share with everybody.

So, on Friday, I heard my friend Cinzia from Turin. We always have very good conversations on the phone, to make up for all the nice ones that we used to have when I was in Turin.
We share many interests, and we often end up speaking about philosophical questions.
This time, she wanted to tell me something to think about, and she specifically asked me to bring up this topic with other people.. so that's why I'm writing it here.

She reported a sentence that she read, written by de Stael: "Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner" - she said it in French.. It means: "Understanding everything is forgiving everything". And she linked it to other thoughts, from Dostoevski to Terenzio "Nothing that belongs to humans is foreign to me", or in Latin: "Homo sum: nihil humani a me alienum puto" . So, basically, we share in ourselves a part of every human behavior, from the noblest to the most horrible. Actually, that reminded me of something that Lucas mentioned to me a few times, ie, those experiments that they did in some schools, where they showed that the most normal people could turn into torturers, just playing a game-role where the school was devided into prisoners and guards.
So, why meditate on this? I guess my life would improve, if instead of judging people/society, I tried to feel close to others, whoever the 'other' that I have in front is.
This kind of reminded me about death penalty, also.. I cannot imagine that last Friday, at a few miles from my home, a guy was killed by lethal injection by North Carolina State, and so, by all of us.

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