Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Umberto D.

I haven't posted a movie review in a long time, although I've seen some very good movies recently. Anyway, this is at least one. It's an Itaian movie, directed by the great Vittorio de Sica. 'Umberto D.' is set in the post second world war period. It's really well made, and it makes you understand very well what the main character is feeling. It's the story of an old man, alone, retired. He has to live on his pension, which is not enough to pay the rent and the food, even though it's the pension from a lifetime of work. His only friend is his dog, and the only person who sees him as a valuable human being is the young made who lives in the same house where he rents his room. It's an extremely sad movie. The poor man has to sell out all his dear memories to pay his rent, and he's completely alone. He even considers suicide. There's no super happy ending, but it's at least open to possibilities.. After watching this movie, I cried for one hour (I was in a nostalgic mood already). It's so realistic. I know too many old people who could live a situation like Umberto D. Still, if you're not in a sad evening, it's a very good movie to watch, which opens your mind.
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Amit said...

Hey Marta,

Thanks for your comment. You can send me an email at my gmail account - upside down world (all one word).
There are so many different varieties of BW movies, so let me know some preferences, and I can make suggestions.


Susan in Italy said...

Hi Chem, Thanks for the review! I haven't seen the whole film yet, (ironically, old Italian films are hard to come by in Italy) but it was part of a documentary by Martin Scorsese and the happy side is the real-life situation of the actor. He was really a retired school teacher (or librarian, I don't remember) and his last years of life were marked by being an important part of Italian cinema in its golden age.

chemcookit said...

Hey Susan,
thank you for sharing your information about the actor! It is nice to know about that.
I know, I remember in Italy it was a lot harder to find old Italian movies than here, through Netflix. I'm hoping a service like Netflix arrives to Italy too, so I can listen to some of my friends' comments on movies I get to see!