Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Insalata di cavolo rosso, peperoni, mango, avocado e mandorle

I made this salad already three times after I made it up the first time, with few variations. It's a big success every time, and Lucas and I still haven't got tired of it. So I decided it was worth publishing it, and also, it's going to be an entry for the 'salad stravaganza' event hosted at 'La mia cucina'!

Insalata di cavolo rosso, peperoni, mango, avocado e mandorle / Red cabbage, peppers, mango, avocado and almonds salad
Cut half of a red cabbage in thin and small pieces, cut 3 small bell peppers (or 2 big ones) into small pieces, mix them up in a bowl, add salt, olive oil and red wine vinegar and stir well. Finely cut one big avocado (or two small ones), and place the pieces on top, in the center, of the salad. Slice mango into small pieces and arrange the pieces as a crown around the avocado. Grind roughly a handful of almonds and put them on top of the avocado. Add lemon juice and salt on the avocado/almond mixture. Serve with some good bread. For example, the dill and cottage cheese bread was _wonderful_ with this salad.

Suggestions: I find that Manila mangoes (the smaller and yellow mangoes) are the best type. Also, you could add olives on top, or cucumbers in the cabbage/pepper base.

The roundup for salad stravaganza is up! Check it out, it's amazing! Almost fifty different salad recipes. :)


Lis said...

Holy cow, Marta! Now THIS is a salad - and it's absolutely gorgeous =)

Thank you so much for submitting it! I can't wait to try this.. it has all of my favorite ingredients in it. Yay!


chemcookit said...

Eheh :)
Thanks! I'm glad you like the idea.. and let me know if you do try it!

Lena said...

This salade is so pretty. :)

chemcookit said...

Hey Lena!
Thanks and thank you for stopping by my blog!