Saturday, May 19, 2007

Redwood Regional Park

Last Sunday I went with Nicola and Luisa to visit a park closeby: Redwood Regional Park, in Oakland. You can get there either on the highway or on the hills, with a scenic drive vith wonderful views on the bay. The park is really beautiful. There is a great variety of trees, ranging from Eucaliptus to Hazelnuts to, of course, Redwoods. The part with the Redwoods reminded me of Muir Woods, although the trees are smaller. Still, the atmosphere is really great in this park, and I liked it better than Muir Woods, to be honest (it's also a lot less crowded).
There are some parts with a magic 'aura'..
And there is also an 8-mile trail which is bikable. It's really nice:
I'd like to do it sometime.
And not only there is a wonderful variety of trees, but also the wild flowers are so pretty:
The park is really big and it's a pleasure to hike in it. I would just recommend to be prepared to a lot of ups and downs, unless you want to follow the bike trail.