Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Muir Woods

When Crissy was with us, we went altogether to visit Muir Woods for a few hours. Muir Woods is an amazing place where Redwood trees have been growing for thousands of years. (Redwood trees sono della stessa famiglia delle sequoie, non penso ci sia un nome specifico in Italiano). It's very close to where we live, only about 45 min drive. This is the Richmond-San Rafael bridge we crossed to get there:
I love the structures of the bridges in the US :)
Once you get there, you feel small, and full of respect for these old creatures.
You can feel the sense of peace and of awe especially when you start living the main beaten path. Lucas, Crissy and I went all the way up the 'Ocean view' path, which only a few people hike on because it's pretty steep.But it's really worth it, it's a wonderful walk, and once at the top of the hill you can see all these trees below you, and very far away (hidden by the haze) there is the ocean:
Then the path goes down hill again, and you pass through a zone with a few dead trees, where you really realize how big they are. There are a few places for cool shots:
(Crissy and I in the tree.. it's hard to capture good pictures because there is little light).
(Lucas a bit tired from the walk?)
And this is a section of one of the biggest trees that died in 1930: you can count from the rings that the tree was more than 1000 year old!!!


Amit said...

Hi Marta,

That's awesome you enjoyed the Muir Woods trip. I did the same when I was visiting friends in Bay area a few years ago, and no surprise, I took the same pics as you did - with me inside the tree and the fallen tree with the rings. It's so peaceful out there. Thanks for the memories. :)

chemcookit said...

Eh, thanks Amit :) - yeah, it's really amazing over there. Today I visited another Redwood Park, they're just so beautiful out here.