Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crissy e' venuta a trovarci a Berkeley!

One week ago, Crissy came to visit us because of a meeting in San Francisco. It was really really nice to have her here, and be able to talk again as in the old times in Raleigh!!
Also, I took advantage of her presence to go around Berkeley campus and take some more pictures, which I want to share with you.

This is 'Il Campanile', i.e. the bell tower in Berkeley campus. It's copied from the belltower in Venice (hence the Italian name for it) - but of course it's three times bigger, at least.. eh-ehm, yes, everything must be bigger in the US.. :) Every hours the bells play some nice little music, and in particular, every evening at 6 they play quite a concert! Usually Bach pieces. I like it a lot.
Here are Lucas and Crissy in front of the magnificent main library:
And to conclude, a snapshot of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. The trees blooming are everywhere, it's a joy to see and to smell.

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