Sunday, October 22, 2006

La meglio gioventu'

Lucas and I watched this long movie (or miniseries) about one week ago and I've been wanting to write about that since then.
It's an Italian production by Marco Tullio Giordana (english title: The best of youth).

It's the story of the lives of two brothers who are young in Rome in the Sixties/Seventies, and grow and live in different parts of Italy. Their personal stories are intertwined with the historical events taking place in Italy from the Sixties to 2004. So it starts with the story of the Sixty-eight movement, the fights between 'i sessantottini' e 'i celerini' (the young people occupying universities and the police), and it's actually very nice because it shows a bit of both sides, as the two brothers are on different positions. Then the movies goes on, and the history of Italian society too.. so there is the Brigate Rosse (a sort of terroristic movement that started at the end of the Seventies).. and other social issues are discussed, together with life romances and sufferings. It's a wonderful movie, I'd recommend it to everyone.. even just if you want to see some of Italy and of Turin in particular: a lot of the movie is set in Turin. It made me quite homesick, in fact, especially now that I don't know what will happen of my life in general..

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Texas Espresso said...

My husband and I just got through watching that movie too. (He is from Veneto) It was so good!! I can imagine it would make you a bit homesick. It was so a nice depiction of that whole generation. definitely worth the hours spent watching it.