Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mostra di Monet

Maia and I wanted to go for a trip today, but unfortunately it rained almost all day. So we decided to go see an exposition that just opened at the NC Arts Museum, in Raleigh. The title of the exposition is 'Monet in Normandy'.

This specific painting is not at the exposition, but there are many as famous and as wonderful as this one.

I really really enjoyed seeing this exposition, even though there were way too many people (rainy Sunday, and the exposition started very recently). I love Monet and I can lose myself watching his paintings. Moreover, it brought up so many memories from the past: my trips with my parents and my aunt and uncle to France and to the towns of Monet, my love for art and paintings, the many expositions that I saw when I was in Turin and in Italy.. this was an almost unique event here in Raleigh. So, I was really happy and I'll go back with Lucas once he's done with his thesis.
Moreover, Maia and I took the occasion to visit also some of the Museum permanent collections. I already visited it, but it's a really wonderful museum, showing ancient art from Egypt, Rome, Greece, South and Central America, Africa, paintings from Europe and America of the XVII, XVIII, XIX, and XX century and modern and contemporary art. I'd recommend visiting this museum to everyone who happens to be in Raleigh.
Visit their wonderful website to have a more detailed idea.

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