Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Every year in Raleigh there is the 'Bugfest' around this time. I never went there before and I thought this may be my last (sigh) occasion to visit it. So, Luisa, Jorge and I went. It was held at the Natural Science Museum and surrounding square and roads. I really really enjoyed it and I recommend anyone (children and adults) to go visit it next year! There were many bugs, alive and not, from all over the world, and very nice and competent people explaining about their habits and life. You could also touch some of them..
and eat some others!!! Yeah, you wouldn't believe, but this is what I actually ATE:

Bean and worm salad, bean and cricket dip, ant-chillada, quiche with larvae and ants in amber... It was quite hard to start, then I decided that it wouldn't kill me if the other people were eating them.. I couldn't really taste the larvae and crickets, but the ants gave a sort of acidic addition to the chicken/cheese dish, and the worms had a very distinguished smokey flavor. The worms were the most difficult to eat - not for the consistency (they weren't soggy or too crunchy) , but just because it was a flavor that I never tasted before, and I didn't feel very well thinking that it came from the worm. :)
For the rest, I found out that the Natural Museum of Science is absolutely wonderful and I would like to go back there soon. They have a wonderful collection of plants, animals, dinosaurs, fossils... This guy is the most complete Acrocanthosaurus ever found:
When we went there, there was also a Seashell exposition, so I will finish this post with some more beautiful pictures than the ones of the bugs :)
You could buy those shells and many others.
Whereas this won the first prize for a seashell artistic composition.


Pluto said...

e' quasi tutto scritto in inglese :-( cosi diventa difficile capir la vita negli states

chemcookit said...

Ciao Pluto!
Mi dispiace, il problema e' che se scrivo in Italiano il mio pubblico di lettori diminuisce troppo :(
Ma ho visto dal tuo blog che capisci almeno un po' di inglese, dai siti che consigli.. spero che tu possa seguire almeno qualcosa. Se c'e' qualcosa che ti interessa particolarmente fammi sapere e lo traduco.