Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good bye to Marthalicia and Mariano

Before leaving to California, we met with Marthalicia and Mariano to say goodbye to them. We had a few nice evenings with them. One was at Fat Daddy's, where Trino was playing!
He and his band are really good! And we also had a good time playing pool. Here are the two sisters!

Then, we invited them at our place for some dessert. I made panna cotta and cannoli, and since they were very good, I'll share the recipe here.

Panna cotta ('cooked cream')
Italian version:
1/2 l di latte
1/2 di panna (da cucina va bene lo stesso)
1 bustina di vaniglia
1 bicchierino di rhum
100 g di zucchero
fogli di colla di pesce per 750 g liquido

Far caramellare 3 cucchiai di zucchero nel contenitore
Unire tutti gli ingredienti (tranne il rhum)
(la colla di pesce la devi fare ammollare un po’ prima, poi scolarla e rimetterla dentro)
Far bollire a fuoco lento sempre mescolando per 5 minuti. Aggiungere il rhum nell’ultimo minuto.
Versare sul caramello.
Variante al caffè: versare all’ultimo minuto ½ bicchierino di brandy, 1 tazzina di caffè (istantaneo anche) forte e un cucchiaino di caffè vero macinato fine.

English version:
Mix together 4 cups milk, 4 cups heavy cream (you can change the milk/cream ratio if you want it a bit less fat), 1 tsp vanilla syrup, 1/2 cup sugar, gelatine mix (I used an Italian version, so you should look on the American boxes how much you need for this amount of liquid). Bring to boil slowly and let cook for 5 min. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup rum to taste. In the meanwhile, caramelize some sugar on the bottom of a pan, and then pour the mixture on it. Let stand in the fridge overnight.
If you want to make a coffee version, add 2 shots of espresso together with the brandy.

I bought the shells. The stuffing is made by mixing with an electrical mixer ricotta, powdered sugar and some drops of orange blossom water. Ricotta/sugar ratio can vary according to taste. Then add some chocolate chips in it. And if you had some candied fruits, that'd be perfect.

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