Sunday, September 17, 2006

Il decalogo

Lucas and I just finished to watch all the episodes of 'The Decalogue', by the Polish director Krystof Kyewloswki. I was really touched by it, and in particular by a few of the movies.
It was originally a TV series: ten movies as the ten commandments. The movies, according to the director, don't have a direct relationship with the commandments, although they do vaguely follow the order that they are expressed in the Catholic version. Still, most of them actually have many more than one theme. They are all provocative, and poetic at the same time. The theme that binds all of them is that they depict the lives of people who live in different apartments built in a few of those huge buildings omnipresent in the big town suburbs. In one of the movies it's explicitely said that it's amazing how many interesting stories develop in those buildings. So, in the end, it's a series about humans, their feelings, the relation between humans and God, the fundamental questions that we all face, issues that we all could have to deal with, if we were put in some contexts. I don't want to spoil the vision of the movies by writing exactly what they are about here, but if someone wants to know more or has already seen the movies and wants to read about some symbols and so, there are some very interesting descriptions on Wikipedia, both in English and in Italian (the latter much longer than the former). If you want to choose only a few movies to watch in order to decide if you'd like to see the whole series or not, I'd suggest watch 2, 4, 5 and/or 6.

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