Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quattro luglio

I haven't posted again in a too long time -well, my life has been really busy recently. But I'll try to post some summaries about the main 'events' that could be interesting..

First of all, the wonderful party that we had for the 4th of July at Kelley's parents.

(per chi non lo sa: il 4 luglio e' la festa della liberazione americana, come il 25 aprile in Italia, ma con un numero di bandiere decisamente piu' elevato.. :) )

Kelley's hobby is fireworks.. and for July 4th, every year, she puts up a wonderful show for her family and friends.. this year Lucas and I had the privilege to be invited to attend it!!
We arrived on Saturday, and we stayed overnight at Jason and Kelley's place - and Jason prepared a wonderful dinner and breakfast for us! Then, we left to go to Kelley's parents. They have a house in north Virginia. I found out that I love that place. It reminds me so much of Italy! It's hilly, and full of vineyards, and trees, and farms. I really thought about where my grandparents live, close to Turin. So, this put me in a great mood. :)
We arrived there around 12, and we started munching on the appetizers a few hours later. They were delicious! Kelley and Erin made spinach/artichoke and crabe dips, and some deviled eggs.. it was impossible to resist.
But dinnertime was not too far! We grilled chicken drums, and we had wonderful ribs and potato salad, and other really nice side dishes.
To see the pictures of the party, please go visit my picture website.
We had a really nice time with all the people, during the dinner. At the end, we also had some wonderful desserts - tiramisu, cupcakes, and some lime cheesacake.. so wonderful!
But the climax of the party, that we were all waiting for were.. the fireworks!!
I was really impressed by Kelley. We could see her figure moving around with a torchlight at the bottom of the valley were she was starting the fireworks from.. in the sulphureous smoke.. while we could enjoy the amazing fireworks she was setting off for us!!
I managed to capture a few good images of them.

... But it was impossible to really capture with a camera the movement and the greatness of the fireworks!

On Sunday, Lucas and I went for some wineries that we found out are very common in Virgina.. we found some really good ones. The best was Hartwood Winery - strongly recommended if you happen to be around there.

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