Monday, July 17, 2006

Feste di compleanno - 2 e 3

The next birthday party that I had was with Lucas and his parents.. they were really nice and came down to visit us on Friday night, and brought us out for dinner - and they also gave me a lot of wonderful gifts! Some glassware that you'll see in my blog soon :) We had a nice dinner at a Cuban restaurant (Carmen's, in Morrisville). I liked my spicy shrimp, and the fried small plantains were very good :) Although, their dulce de tres leches was not comparable to the one that Luisa made for Jorge's birthday party :)

On Saturday, we had a potluck birthday party (they forbid me to cook on my birthday) :) - it was really fun! People brought a lot of wonferful food from all over the world.. we had stuffed cabbage by Rich, Shish-Kabab by Lucas, broccoli salad by Alison, squash casserole by Crissy, Indian tomato rice by Selina, Russian salad by Alina, stuffed peppers and mango apricot by Yan Li.. it was wonderful :)
People talked a lot, which was the goal of the party.. :)
And in the end, we had three cakes! In fact, I made two since I wanted to celebrate also Alina's and Crissy's belated birthdays. So, I'll show here the pictures of the cakes:
My cake - a hummingbird cake, nicely bought by Lucas :), which was really good (nuts and cinnamon and cream)
Alison's cake - it was a chocolate-hazelnut cake that I'll give the recipe of shortly, because it turned out very good :)
Crissy's cake - another crostata di frutta, with a different fruit drawing :) - I'll give the recipe shortly

I received a lot of gifts, and the nicest thing was to see how many friends I know. If you want to see their pictures, go on my picture website.

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