Sunday, July 16, 2006

Feste di compleanno - 1

Yes, if you can read Italian... :) you will understand that I had more than one birthday party!! In fact, so far I had three :)
The first party was a great open-air party at Gisela's house, meant to be a party for three birthday-girls! We all turned 28 in the same period, so we decided to get together and have a common party.
It was great!!!!! I had really a lot of fun. We had it on July 8th, right after Italy won the world cup.. so the other Italian girl who was having the birthday with us (Ross) was superexcited and happy!! I don't really care too much, to be honest :) - I tried to watch the match, but fell asleep, so I decided to keep cooking for the party :)
In fact, between Gisela, Ross and I, we brought a humongous amount of food to the party :) There were focaccia, with pesto/ricotta or with onions and tuna or with tomatoes, then I made eggplants under oil and garlic and parsley, a quiche, two rice salads, and Ross had two pasta salads, flatbread, and Gisela made a baked chicken, and we had spreads.. I will not write recipes here, also because I made most of the food for other parties, so you should be able to retrieve the recipes using the 'search' option of the blog, if you want.
We also had three wonderful home-made cakes:
This was my cake (crostata di frutta). I made it - I love it, and my mom used to make it for me for my birthday. It's not hard to make, and it's fun to decorate, and delicious..
This was Gisela's cake, made by chef Vlasta :) It's a great walnut/chocolate cake, it's so professional!
This was Ross's self-prepared dessert: two wonderful real tiramisu!
I was so happy that so many of my friends came, from different places. Joanna took the pictures of the party for me, and you can see them on my picture website.
I'll just post here this one of Lucas and I. I love this picture. Thanks Joanna!
To see more party pictures, click here.

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