Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sondaggio / Poll!

Many blogs, including mine, have started to use a 'read more' option at the beginning of their posts. This way, only a few sentences (and sometimes a picture) are visible, whereas an expanded version of the whole post is accessible only after a click on the 'read more' link. However, some people strongly dislike this feature. The main complain is that one needs to go look for the link and click on it with the mouse, instead of being able to freely navigate just with the keyboard. I can see this point. However, I think I like the layout of the blog better with shorter summaries and just a picture after the post titles, and I like that people can see more than one subjects at a glance, on the first page of the blog.
So, I decided this argument is worth becoming the subject of the first poll hosted on this blog! Please look right below my picture on the right sidebar, and vote!! I will decide what to do of the future of the 'read more' button on my blog also depending on my readers' opinion. I'm for democracy, in the end. :)

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