Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fresh Produce of the Month: cabbage

Before I go on with my Torino posts, here is at last the announcement of the 'Fresh Produce of the Month event for January! The theme is... cabbage!
For this month, the event will be hosted again by my dear friend Simona, at 'Briciole'. The theme has been chosen by Simona, and is focused on cabbage (cavolo) in its different incarnations: green, red, Savoy, napa, bok choy. After the Holidays, she thinks it is a good idea to reach for a lighter fare, which makes ample use of vegetables. Who can say she's wrong?

If you are inspired to participate (and I hope you are), here are the simple rules:

1. Publish a post on your blog with a recipe involving cabbage. Add a link to the announcement (either this one or the one on Simona's blog) and mention that it's an entry for the Fresh Produce of the Month event. Feel free to place the logo on your post.
2. Send Simona an email with a link to your post, your blog homepage and your name to me at simositeATmacDOTcom. Specify 'Fresh Produce of the Month: Cabbage' as subject. A photo is optional, though helpful.
3. If you don't have a blog just send me an email with your recipe and, if you have a picture of the food you made, that's great: Simona will add it to the roundup as well.

The deadline for entry submission is January 31st, 2009. Simona will post the roundup soon after.

Note: If you don't receive an answer to your email or a comment on your post within two days of sending me the email, please contact us again: sometimes email messages get lost in cyberspace.

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