Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sessantesimo anniversario di matrimonio dei nonni di Lucas

Lucas's grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last Saturday! We all met close to Roanoke, Virginia, where they live, and we had a lunch altogether at a nice restaurant over there. It was organized by Debbie as a surprise to her parents, and it turned out really well! After lunch we had some cakes, that I actually prepared. I was very honored to be asked to make the cake! I decided to make three, because some people in the family are diabetic, and I thought it would be nice to have some cake made without any sugar just for them.
So here are some pictures of the cakes and of the family reunion and I will put the recipes for the cakes in some separate posts.
The cakes: Harold and Jacqueline have been married for 60 years! The 'H' cake was a sort of Sacher torte (chocolate and apricot jam cake), the heart was an invention of mine with a yogurt-cake bread and a filling of ricotta and dried fruit, and the 'J' cake was a layered cake with 'pan di Spagna' and yellow cream and fruit inside, made with no sugar. I was happy of the 'H' and of the heart, whereas I tried the 'J', and it wasn't very good, unfortunately. I noticed that it didn't raise as much as it should have, evidently because I used the artificial dulcifier ('Splenda') instead of regular sugar.. funny, I wouldn't have imagined such a big difference, but it was very reproducible..I made the bread twice, and twice it didn't raise..
Read more for some pictures of the people!

Here is Debbie, the organizer of this nice surprise party!
And here are Harold and Jackie and their children, Chris, Debbie and Gerry
With Chris' family: Christy, Cassie and Carolyn
With Debbie's family: Marta, Lucas, Jim, Debbie, Jason, Kelley, Alison
And at last: Harold and Jackie the day of their engagement, 61 years ago:

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