Sunday, January 21, 2007

Villa Genero

The first day I was in Turin (when I wasn't sick yet) I went for a walk with my friend Cinzia and her child Marzio in Villa Genero, one of the many beautiful parks in Torino. Villa Genero is on the hills right past the Po.. so here are some of the views from there.
Torino with a little fog:
On the right, la Mole Antonelliana: it's that unbelievable tower that dominates the town. It was supposed to be a Jewish synagogue, but it was never finished as such, and it became property of the town. Now there is the Museum of the Cinema inside. It's noteworthy and the view from the top of the tower can be breathtaking in a clear day.
On the left side, the really big square in front is Piazza Vittorio, it's really large and now they just fixed it, so that cars cannot park on it anymore. It's gorgeous, and there are portici all around it, again.
The round building on the right side, in front of Piazza Vittorio, is la Chiesa della Gran Madre, a church dedicated to Mary, modeled on the style of the Pantheon in Rome.
Far away, you kind of see the Alps!

A view of the hills at the sunset

Cinzia and Marzio in Villa Genero

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