Sunday, January 07, 2007

L'ultimo dell'anno

End of the year's Eve was Lucas's and mine last night together in Raleigh. So we decided to do something special and we went to eat at 'Mo's diner', a very nice restaurant in Raleigh which we never went to before. It's really elegant, and it's set up in a real house, with a few tables in each carefully decorated room. This is an example of the room where we were (sorry for the blurry picture, but at least it gives an idea).

The food is really good, and so is the wine. I had some delicious lamb rack and Lucas some grilled quails. The dessert was particularly good:
It was called 'Banana Napoleon', and it was made with crispy layers of dough sandwiching pieces of banana and a custard-like cream. It would be nice to try to reproduce it.
The final bill was quite expensive - I guess the wine really helped increasing the price.. but once per year...
On our way back we saw Raleigh's first of the year decoration: an ice sculpture..
And the big acorn:
They take this huge acorn up in the air with a crate and when it's midnight they drop it down.. well, Raleigh is not NY, but it does try to entartain its residents :)
We didn't stay there until midnight, though. We went back home and cheered together with our friends Jorge, Luisa and Jorge's brother and sister-in-law, who just came from Mexico:
What's better than starting the year with friends?

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