Sunday, December 03, 2006

Borat - Un flim SCHIFOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to write a post about two good Italian movies we watched in the past few weeks, but first I decided I will write a note about another movie, so that hopefully I'll save 1.5 hours and some money to my readers, if they ever thought about going to watch it.
I'm speaking of the movie 'Borat'. It's ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. DO NOT go watch it. I felt as if I was being showered with poop while I was watching it......... to be nice about it...... I don't understand all the good reviews. I don't understand how they dare to compare this movie to Michal Moore's intelligent and interesting movies. There are some scenes where the main character go to some stores and asks for the best gun to kill a Jew, or the best car to hit a Jipsy, and the sellers answer in some normal way. Was this supposed to be denouncing that Americans are ok about killing Jews or Gipsies?!?! This just shows how sellers would do anything to please the customers, simply trying not to hear the question. Or there are some college kids telling really idiotic things on women. Great, we didn't know the world is full of kids who say silly things to show off, especially when they're drunk... I just don't get where the whole 'denounce of America' shows in this movie. Not to speak about the humor. It's just not funny at all. Is it funny to show someone who enters an antique store and destroys most of the ceramics in there (and he does that for real)? That's just sad. And to show two naked ugly men pretending to fight and bite their genitals? That's just disgusting. I coudln't watch the whole scene or I was going to throw up.
Anyway, this is my suggestion from the bottom of my heart: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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