Sunday, March 01, 2009

"Limata" in stile vietnamita

Hello dear readers! As predicted, my life is super hectic again, and still will be for a few more weeks. So, I'm going to have only two posts for this month (mmm -- I just realized it's past midnight, and it's already March! Oh well :)). So, the first post is my entry to the 'Fresh Produce of the Month' event! This month the event is hosted again by my dear friend Simona at Briciole.
The theme was citrus fruits, all but lemon and orange. This month we prepared two very good drinks involving citrus fruits, but unfortunately I have a nice picture of only one of them: a Vietnamese-style limeade!

Limata in stile vietnamita / Limeade Vietnamese style
This is a very easy drink to make, and it doesn't differ much from a regular limeade, except for the fact that it doesn't contain much sugar, and instead, it has some salt in it. It's very refreshing and a good thirst-quencher. However, I'm going to transcribe here Matt's version of the recipe, since he's the one who prepared it.

Squeeze a fresh lime, add a pinch of sugar and a of scosh of salt, shake it for 20 seconds in a Martini shaker with some ice. Prepare a second Martini shaker by rubbing lime peel in its interior, and pour the limeade in it. Shake. Finally, pour some whiskey in a third Martini shaker, burn off the whiskey, and shake the limeade in it for 13 more seconds. Pour the drink in an appropriate glass, add a piece of cilantro, and serve.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. :) I am going to post the recipe for the second drink in the next few days. It's a lime-lemoncello flavored with habanero. A true delight, but I'm afraid this will be after the deadline for the FPOM.. we'll see if Simona will give me an allowance for it. :)

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Simona Carini said...

Very interesting, my dear. I am not into drinks, so I am afraid I need a layperson explanation for the instruction "burn off the whiskey."