Monday, February 04, 2008

Fresh Produce of the Month # 7 - Roundup!

The time has come for me to publish the roundup of this last 'Fresh Produce of the Month' event, which was centered on squash!
This month we have a really wonderful collection of recipes, which will give you great inspirations for your next squash-containing dish! Here they are, in the same order I received them:

Dhivya at 'Culinary Bazaar' presents a 'Garlic and Butternut Squash soup', which smells delicious through the computer screen!

Namratha at 'Finger licking food' introduces us to a 'Spicy bean soup', with different types of beans and squash, and many spices which make this soup unique.

KayKat at 'Cooking from A to Z' presents a 'Squashed acorn squash'. Curious to see what this is about? Check out her post and then you'll be tempted to try and make such a simple and delicious dish.

Archana at 'Archana's kitchen' keeps the soup trend up with a wonderfully looking 'Spicy Pumpkin Soup'. The cinnamon and cilantro tree adds a beautiful and I'm sure tasty touch to the soup!

My own entry was a typical Italian 'Risotto alla zucca/Squash risotto', which I prepared with Ambercup and Carnival squash, together with blue cheese to add creaminess and more taste.

Bee and Jai at 'Jugalbandi' use pumpkin seeds to prepare a wonderful-looking 'Cabbage and Peas Poriyal with Pumpkin Seeds'. Read the entry not only to find out how to make this, but also if you want to laugh :)

Suganya at 'Tasty Palettes' brings a 'Eggplant And Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Curry' to the squash feast! I love Indian curries, and this is already on my 'to-try' list. :)

Zlamushka at 'Zlamushka's spicy kitchen' participates with a really interesting 'Squash with sesame seeds' Korean stir-fry, which is part of an amazing looking Korean meal that she put together.. I'd love to try this too!

Nupur at 'One hot stove' gives a twist to traditional lasagna by preparing 'Roasted squash-onion lasagna'. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks - check her post out also if you want to learn about no-boil lasagna sheets!

Meera at 'Enjoy Indian Food' adds a 'Bhoplyache Bharit - Acorn Squash Dip' to this collection of recipes. Simple, healthy, and great-tasting. What else could one ask for?

Dhivya at 'Dhivya's cuisine' presents a 'Mixed Squash Curry', which she prepares with Chayote squash. A type of squash that I still haven't tried, and this recipe could be a great occasion to extend my horizons. :)

Last but not least, dear Meeta at 'What's for lunch, Honey?' treats us with a 'Chickpea Pumpkin Tajine With Coconut Couscous & Coconut Chutney'. A delicious combination of ingredients and spices.

And.... arrghh... I missed one entry! I'm really sorry, Asha! Asha from 'Aroma!' sent a wonderful combination of 'Thatte(Plate) Idlis with Butternut squash stir-fry and Cilantro chutney'. The three parts of this dish look amazingly good! I've always heard that Idlis were really hard to make, but the way she describes the preparation looks simple! The thought of them combined with butternut squash stir-fry and cilantro chutney just makes me salivate. :)

Thank you so much, everybody, for taking part to the event and creating such a unique and intriguing collection of squash-centered recipes! If you enjoyed reading this roundup, you may want to think about taking part to the next Fresh Produce of the Moth event, which will be centered on... oranges!
Similarly to squashes, oranges nowadays can be found all year round. Still, their peak season is wintertime, and before winter is over I'd really like to dedicate one of our events to this delicious citrus fruit!

(this beautiful picture was taken by Wikipedia under Gnu License)
If you'd like to participate, follow these simple rules:
1) Put a post on your blog with a recipe involving oranges. Add a link to this post on my blog and mention that it's an entry for the 'Fresh produce of the month' event. If you like it, feel free to place the logo of the orange-centered event on your post.
2) Send me an email with a link to your post, your blog homepage and your name. My email address is chemcookitATgmailDOTcom. Specify 'Fresh produce of the month' as subject.
3) If you don't have a blog just send me an email with your recipe and if you have a picture of the food you made, that's even better. I will add it to the round-up as well.
The deadline for this event will be March 2nd.

PS - If I don't answer your email or post a comment on your blog entry within three days, please send me another email or post a comment on this blog. Since now I have the comment moderation feature activated, hopefully I shouldn't miss any more entries!!! I'm really sorry if this ever happens again.


KayKat said...

Yay for oranges! I could start cooking right now :)

Nupur said...

Thank you for a delicious and healthful round-up, dear Marta! Everything looks so good...

bee said...

thanks for the great roundup will update the events calendar.

Namratha said...

Lovely round up Marta, nice to see so many varieties. Nice pick for the next FPOM!!

Asha said...

I don't see my entry here!! I sent it to your e mail and left it in the comment as well!!Oh's probably in your spam!:)

chemcookit said...
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chemcookit said...

Asha, I'm really sorry I missed that. I guess both the messages arrived in my spam.. You've added a wonderful conclusion to this roundup. :)

Mandira said...

beautiful round up, will surely try to participate in the next one!

Asha said...

That's okay Marta, happens sometimes with these e mails! Thanks for taking time though, will see what I can send you with Orange!:))

Mansi said...

I'm very bad with squash, so this really helped marta:)!

Mansi said...

btw marta, I sent you an email about Foodbuzz today morning..but thought I'd inform u about it here after reading Asha's comment about her email going to your spam:)

Archana Doshi said...

Thanks for the lovely round up. Is your nest produce orange? Do let me know I would love to participate if so.

chemcookit said...

Archana - yes, it's going to be orange.. looking forward to your entry.. and for all the others from everybody! I'm very happy the new theme sounds attractive.

Dhivya said...

will surely participate girl:)

Asha said...

I sent my entry for Orange Marta, check your mail. Hope you got it!:))

chemcookit said...

Again, unfortunately I didn't receive Asha's email.. so, if anyone else doesn't receive an answer from me after they send me an email, please leave me a comment like she's done..
Thanks Asha for your lovely entry!

Deeba PAB said...

Hi Marta...found your event at Asha's Aroma. Had posted an Orange Olive Oil cake just yesterday, so have gone back & linked it to your event. Great glad i culd participate. Cheers Deeba