Friday, February 15, 2008

'No-no' per ristoranti Italiani negli States

I found out about the existence of a 'no-no' list written by an Italian chef for Americans opening Italian restaurants in the USA. It's really funny, so I thought I'd share may comments on this blog..
You can find the complete list here. First of all, I must say I do agree with most of his suggestions, but I think it's really funny the way he gives some of them.. Here are some examples.

'Do not put Caesar Salad on your menu. It is a Tex-mex hybrid not an Italian delicacy, as often Americans believe.' I must say I really agree on this. I was completely surprised when I found out what Caesar salad was in the first 'Italian restaurant' I went to in the USA ('Olive garden'........). I really dislike the huge amount of sauce and the usually bad quality cheese they put on top of completely tasteless lettuce..

'Do not put on the menu “small, medium or large” for pasta portions. Pasta is not a style of underwear.' This cracked me up!!!!!

'Do not serve garlic bread. Instead, you can make a civilised bruschetta but without butter and minced garlic. 'The idea of a 'civilised bruschetta' is also particularly funny.. And I must admit, I love minced garlic and olive oil on toasted bread (no butter) - it may not be the classic bruschetta, but it's a wonderful approximation of it.

'Write the menu in correct Italian. Avoid ridiculous names such as Sophia Loren's Fillet or Tagliatelle alla Pavarotti.' This is definitely a good suggestion..

'Do not put garlic in every dish and avoid serving Parmigiano indiscriminately, with risotto with crustaceous, shellfish and other seafood pasta.' I couldn't agree more on this. Pizza with garlic and parmigiano is definitely a no-no!!!

'Avoid red and white chequered tablecloths and paper serviettes artistically folded or put in the glasses. Avoid garlic or the empty Chianti flask hung on the restaurant's wall. 'Ehehehe, this is also really funny :)

'Avoid serving cappuccino and latte macchiato with dessert as much as you can. 'I find it hilarious the way he suggests this: 'avoid this as much as you can'.... :) I guess if someone really asks for it, you cannot completely refuse. :) But I do agree, ending a meal with cappuccino (or even worse, having cappuccino with your meal) is not Italian style. We have cappuccino for breakfast. Still, I must admit: if someone really wants it, why not?? :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did a post on this awhile back because I found it very interesting as well.My readers were passionate about the red and white checkered table cloths and the chianti bottles :)

chemcookit said...

Hey Maryann!
In fact, I found it on your blog! I wanted to leave you a comment, but for some crazy reason yesterday your blog wasn't showing up the comment part. I may have missed it... in any case, thanks a lot for showing it on your blog! It's so funny :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta. I turn off comments on posts that leave my main page. Thanks for visiting. I like your blog as well. I linked to you on my "Italian Sites" page. Don't be a stranger! :)

Katie Zeller said...

This is a hoot! And so right!
I love the bit about the pasta v underwear....
And maybe the wine list doesn't have to be by the numbers?