Friday, July 20, 2007

Un interessante modo di arrostire un agnello

I haven't posted in a while! Well, last weekend it was my birthday, so I was busy :) - now the problem is: Lucas is gone with the camera for a week, and I forgot to download all the last pictures.. so I have plenty of time to post and no pictures. :) So, I decided in the next few days I'll post about something that I took a picture of in the near past.. fun things or food, we'll see.

Let's start with this: a memory from one of the two Fourth of July parties we went to! This party was thrown by Alex and Jen, and it was a lot of fun. They both like to cook, wonderful quality to throw a good party. So while Jen prepared a lot of food at the stove, Alex was taking care of the "grill":
He was cooking this whole lamb using a very interesting system that he and his roommate prepared: the skewer was connected to all those gears that you see in the picture, and these were connected to a pully which arrived on the top of the roof of the house, where a bucket filled with wood slowly fell down (paced by the big hammer you can see in the bottom part of the picture). The vertical fall of the bucket was converted into rotational movement of the lamb on the charcoal. See what can come out from the minds of a bunch of drunk physicists?!? The system was completely inefficient (you had to spin the bike wheel to have the bucket come back on the roof every seven minutes, instead of just turning a handle of a quarter of a turn every 15 minutes), but of course, the goal was to have fun!!!!!
The vision of the whole lamb being slowly roasted slightly upset my almost-vegeterian feelings, but I must say, their system was quite fascinating. Too bad the lamb took too long to cook and we didn't get to try it!!!! But we were told it was delicious. :)


ayseyaman said...

Happy birthday Chemcookit! :)
I wish you the best!
Have a nice weekend! :)

chemcookit said...

Thank you so much!!!!! It's so nice to have blog-friends from all over the world!!!

Unknown said...

That cooker is crazy but it makes a great use of an old bicycle wheel.

Unknown said...

Happy late birthday, Marta!

chemcookit said...

Bradley - eheh, true :) - but I think we are all a bit crazy. :)

Yanli - thanks!!!!

Elle said...

Am I ever envious...that grilled lamb looks fantastic and the grilling system ingenious. It sounds like you have great friends. Happy Birthdyaa little late! Glad that you found my blog and now I've found yours, too.