Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dil Chahta Hai

I have been interested in Bollywood movies for a while. Some time ago, I found Amit's website, and his wonderful reviews increased my level of interest. So, I asked him to suggest a few movies for me to watch, and he gave me very 'personalized' suggestions, based on the list of the movies I liked most in general. I found most of the movies he suggested on Netflix, and 'Dil Chahta Hai' ('The heart wants') was the first one I tried!
I'm happy I watched this movie. It's an interesting mixture of Bollywood style and western style, I think. As you can see from the picture, the actors are dressed and styled like in western style movies. But from time to time, they sing and dance like in the most typical Bollywood movies. Still, the dances are not traditional dances at all, and in any case, the musical parts are not many, and are often 'at the right place'. The story is nice - three close friends, discovering the meaning of friendship and love. In my opinion, though, the movie doesn't start very well (it seems a bit silly for the first 20 minutes), then it improves a lot and becomes very enjoyable, but the last few scenes are again at a lower quality level. The most interesting and unconventional love story ends in a somewhat trivial way, especially in the very last scene..
In any case, I did like the movie (and Lucas liked it too, amazingly enough) - it's a good movie if you want to relax and have fun for an evening, and some of the musics are actually really good... I keep singing 'Dil chahta hai' still now :) !


Vcuisine said...

Like your taste Marta. Viji

chemcookit said...

:) Thanks :)

Connected and United said...

I love Bollywood movies! Where I live there is a TV show called Showbiz India that highlights all the latest Bollywood movies, music videos and "gossip". Check your local listings, I'm sure you'll find it! Also, if you haven't seen Lagaan or Devdas, you should def. check them out.

chemcookit said...

Hey Shea,
thanks for the suggestion! Lagaan was already on my list, hopefully I'll get to see them both soon!

Amit said...

Hi Marta,

Sorry, I've been out of it for a while. Congrats!!! You are not a BollyWood virgin anymore. :)
Actually, this is a pretty good movie and Aamir Khan is one of my favorite BW actors. Of course, the soundtrack rocks!! Looking forward to more BW reviews. ;)


Shailesh Phansalkar said...

Hi Marta

wow i got to your blog from one hot stove and found delicious looking recipes. i love italian food and had a fun time when i traveled in italy in 2002.

then i came to this page. i am glad you liked 'dil chahtaa hai' it is one of my favorite recent bollywood movies.

- shailesh