Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Orecchini per celebrare..

I never mentioned explicitely on this blog that I actually got the position I was looking for in Berkeley! I am very happy and excited.. many things will change again in my life and in particular in about two weeks I'll move and leave dear North Carolina and Raleigh!
I've been saying for a while that I would cut my hair and put earrings on when I really knew I had the new job.. so, in the end, in a courageous moment, I went and got my ears pierced!! I have to put here a pictuer of myself with the new earrings to satisfy the curiosity of my family and friends :)
They're tiny!! But I like them and I'll put some other types in a few months :)
When I had that picture taken I was also particularly happy because Lucas was there with me, and we were having a really nice walk in Umstead Park. It's fascinating in every season. I'm trying to treasure every moment I have left in North Carolina, who knows when I'll see these wonderful parks again. So here are a few pictures from our walk.

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